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You got the camera, now what?

Camera Basics Workshop

Lots of folks have been emailing me to ask what SLR camera to buy for themselves.  They want to take better pictures than their point-and-shoot camera allows.  I’m always happy to give recommendations, but lately I’ve been thinking to myself, “Self, that’s great!  But now that they have the camera, do they know how to use it?  How to get those “better” photos they are after?  A fancy camera will do them no good if they don’t know how to make the most of it.”  SO that’s what this is all about…a basic, no frills, camera 101 workshop to teach you what those icons on the dial mean.  What the heck is ISO?  And aperture?  And shutter speed?  And how does your light meter work?  And they all work together how?  That’s what we’ll be answering, plus any other questions you may have.

The workshop will take place at my home in East Norriton, PA on February 12 from 1-4.  Light snacks and drinks will be provided.  All you have to bring is your camera, the manual, and your inquiring mind!  I’m a Canon girl, but will have Nikon user present to help out as well.  Please don’t feel limited to those two brands…what you will learn will apply to any SLR camera.  That’s the other requirement…that you have an SLR camera!  I don’t have anything against other types of cameras, but the material we cover won’t necessarily translate well to them.

This is not a shooting intensive workshop.  It’s just to explain things, teach you a few tricks, and get you started.  If you are interested in a more advanced, hands-on experience, I plan to offer more of those sessions in the spring when we can get outside.  Please email me if you are interested and I will keep you in the loop.

Class size is limited, and spots are going to be filled on a first come, first serve basis (sorry, no holding seats!).  The cost is $75 per person…sign up now by Clicking Here!  Don’t fret if the class if full when you try to sign up.  I plan on offering this again in the near future!

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